The Best Laid Plans by Painting A Dog a Day and Kimberly Kelly Santini

For the past month I've been talking up ordering greeting cards featuring one of the Dog a Day paintings. I even went so far as to paint Mona Lisa in a tangle of lights, giving you all plenty of time to create your mailing lists and get them ordered.

And then the rug gets pulled out from under my feet.

It would appear that the company I was previously using to manage my notecard creation decided they didn't want to do that anymore. Except that they didn't bother to tell their customers this. (You should hear the hoopla going on over on their forums! ouch!)

However, all is not lost. I've now forged a partnership with a new company (FineArtAmerica), and am uploading images as quickly as possible.

And the flip side is that FineArtAmerica allows me greater control of my images - their products are of the highest quality, their reputation is solid, managing my files with their system takes less time than with my previous partner, and their cost is much lower! Which means better service for you and better service for me.

Total win-win.

So perhaps I should send a thank you letter to my prior print on demand supplier. What do you think?! Yeah, it might be a little bitter.

Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family -

PS Artist Q&A Day will be this Friday, December 3rd!

The Tote Board
"The Tote Board," from The Saratoga Series, 8" x 5", acrylic on board beautifully framed, currently part of the "Le Cheval" exhibit at Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, New York.

I received word last week that my painting "The Tote Board" will be included in Polo Players Edition's 25th Annual Sporting Art Issue. This is my third time participating in the Sporting Art Issue, and such a tremendous honor to be one of 25 artists from around the world profiled in this milestone publication.

Individual copies (or subscriptions) can be ordered via the magazine's website.

Meanwhile, the painting remains available and can be added to your personal collection for $439.

"The Tote Board," along with 5 other pieces from my Saratoga Series (and a mess of excellent art from other selected talents), will be on display at Cazenovia College through December 9th.

I'd love to ship it to you, and we could do so prior to the New Year. Contact me and we'll arrange the details.

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