JEANNE ILLENYE Buster Beagle Mix RESCUED DOG happy at last

8x10 inches / oil on panel
...and here's Maggie's new brother, Buster, a Beagle mix who is also a rescued pup!  When you scroll down to see Maggie, you'll realize that it was truly a blessing that Buster was offered for adoption at the same time.  I suspect that Buster helped Maggie recover from her intense fear, and likewise, Maggie must have helped Buster.  Together they are enjoying a new life full of love and security with lots of play time!  They're truly special little pups.  Everytime I've heard of rescued animals being adopted, and from my own personal experiences, it seems they never forget who saved them!  I just love stories like Maggie and Buster with happy endings...or shall I say happy beginnings! 
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