Timeless ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Timeless (A Black Lab)," 4" x 6", Golden Open Acrylics on Raymar panel, portrait of a black labrador retriever, $239 (less 10% if you already own an original of mine). Inquiries may always come to me.

I painted another version of this handsome guy for a client yesterday - it's a gift, so shh!! - but his face was so wonderful that I had to do a second portrait. One for her and one for.... you? it could be - "Timeless" will go to the first one asking politely!

I'm participating in 30 Days of Gratitude during the month of November. Each day I will consciously be thankful for something I might otherwise gloss over or take for granted. A couple of friends started it up on Facebook yesterday and I appreciate their allowing me to blatantly copy their idea.

Which dovetails nicely into the studio's new Gratitude Project. It's been a while since I actively profiled shelter animals, but I've been working behind the scenes since this summer to partner with a variety of groups across the country.

The first installment will happen later this week - I'll paint a shelter animal, share a bit of his/her story, and when the painting sells, the proceeds go back to the host group/organization.

I can't wait to get started!!

Thank yous go out to everyone who participated in the conversation on Friday during Artist Q&A Day. There was some nice dialogue about talent, abstract art, valuable feedback, and what kind of tree I'd be, along with other things. I encourage you to take a quick read through the ideas in the comments section of Friday's blog post. We'll do this again at the end of November.

Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family -

Detailed Photographs of Kalaidaescope

I posted some detailed scans of the entire collaged painting I completed last week on the studio's Facebook page. (Don't worry - you don't have to be a "friend" to view the pics) Your comments are very much appreciated!

Now to come up with an idea for my next collaged piece. Not even sure where to start, but i'll be sifting through reference photos and stirring the idea pot up.

That is after I pick all the bits of paper up in the studio.

Collage + Kitten = Mess. A Huge Mess.

Fellow Americans, please go vote today. This is a tremendous right, the gift of being able to choose our leadership. Your voice is too important to go to waste.

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