Toy Dog ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

Hi. I'm Anna Santini. Sometimes my mom calls me "The Princess" but I'm not really one. Mom can be delusional at times. But I don't really mind. It can make things a little more exciting.

I wanted to help her out this week. Because I'm not in school, I asked if there was any studio work. She said I could be her guest blogger. Then she got a big grin. Probably because this would give her all sorts of extra time to bake cookies for me and my brothers.

So this is a sketch from my journal. I will tell you a little bit about it. It is a toy dog from the bins of old toys my Mom has in the studio. There's more in her closet and the garage. And some others in storage, too. We like to hunt for fun things to draw and paint when we go to the flea market.

This page has colored pencils and drawing pencil and pen on it. I like to mix materials up like this.

So that is it for today.

Thank you for reading and being our friends.
Sincerely, Anna Santini

PS My Mom says I can't share my own email here, but if you send her a note, she'll make sure that I get it.

End of Year Celebrations

As you've seen above, we've got a guest blogger this week. The Princess (my 10 year old daughter) will be sharing pages from her journal while I'm taking care of the business side of things.

And, apparently, also baking cookies.

I'll be in the studio off and on throughout the end of the year. I'll return emails and phone calls as soon as possible, and commence with my daily paintings once the holidays have been duly celebrated.

I have a couple paintings in process, too, which I might blog about. We shall see what happens.

But meanwhile, enjoy yourselves! May your homes be full of love and light and laughter.

Have a wonderful holiday!
Fondly, Kim

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