Dottie, Painted Sketch ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Dottie's Still Here", a painted sketch, paper sized 5" x 7", done in Golden Open and Heavy Body acrylics on multimedia artists board. Dottie's is a commissioned Jack Russell portrait with a special story.

Dottie's Mom is going through chemo right now, and had to say goodbye to her little soulmate rather abruptly and unexpectedly. Dottie's extended family thought a portrait would remind her Mom of how much she has - and is - loved.

It was my honor to be a part of this gift.

Thanks in advance for sharing the Painting a Dog a Day artwork and my journey,

"Help Japan"

This week's Daily Paintworks challenge, "Help Japan," is a fundraiser for the survivors of the Japanese earthquake.

Over $15,000 has already been raised by the participating artists!

Visit the event page to browse the artwork. Paintings are still being added.

And you can go directly to the pet portrait auction here.

100% of the sale price of each of my paintings will be donated to Save the Children.

Thanks so much.

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