Mini Minni ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Mini Minni," 9" x 12", portrait of a special little Vizsla pup, done in Golden Open Acrylics on a Raymar panel. Proceeds from the sale of "Mini Minni" will be donated to the Vizsla Welfare Foundation. Inquiries may come to me.

Warm thanks go to Dog a Day collector Holly for sharing her photo of Minni with me. I've painted her dogs many times in the past, and today's portrait was as much of a joy to work on as the others. We have a long standing agreement that sales resulting from her photos will support the breed that she (and I) love so much.

My original concept was to treat the background here like portrait paintings done by Richard Schmid, but I took it too far and then just left it out of indecision.

What do you think about the pink halo (the remnants of the underpainting)? is it distracting?

I'm also considering adding another loop of leash behind her butt. I had it in there yesterday, but wiped it out.....

Thanks in advance for sharing my artwork with your friends and family,

"It is all very well to copy what you see; it is much better to draw what you only see in memory. There is a transformation during which the imagination works in conjunction with the memory. You only put down what made an impression on you, that is to say the essential. Then your memory and your invention are freed from the dominating influence of nature. That is why pictures made by a man with a trained memory are almost always remarkable works."

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