Updo II ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Updo II," painted sketch on multimedia artboard, 8" x 10", part of the Daily Paintworks Weekly Challenge.

So I learned that these are Polish Hens, and apparently they are a popular favorite among chicken afficianados. Thanks to all who shared their avian knowledge!

Hang this sketch on your wall for $99 - or take both ladies(Updo I and II) for $169.

I wonder if there's a future in Painting a Chicken a Day.....

Thanks in advance for sharing my artwork with your friends and family,
The Chick Queen

Alecia Underhill and I corresponded last night, and so now I am able to share - with her blessings - one of her chick paintings that I love so very much.

"Glamour Chick," the above oil painting, is 30" x 40" - talk about a wicked fun focal point for a room!!

And if you have smaller walls (or crowded ones like mine!), Alecia offers reproductions in a variety of sizes (including a whopping 36" x 48"!!).

You are invited to hang with Alecia at her website and fall in love with some of her other paintings.


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