Dixie, A Gratitude Painting ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Dixie," from The Gratitude Project, 6" square, commissioned portrait of a rescued Yorkshire Terrier, done in Golden Open Acrylics on gessobord, private collection (THANK YOU!!). As with all the paintings in "The Gratitude Project," proceeds from the sale of Dixie's portrait will benefit Yorkshire Terrier rescue.

Dixie and her sidekick Moppet (whom you'll meet tomorrow) came to their family through Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. They came to their foster home, which quickly became their forever home, after spending 7 years at a farm where they received no socialization and experienced no human interaction (other than to have food dumped into their enclosure). Males and females were allowed to breed at will, and offending dogs were debarked.

Upon her arrival, Dixie was so terrified that she would lay perfectly still in her dog bed, never looking up, for hours at a time. When brought outside, she would run to the far corner of the yard, pressing herself against the fence, hiding her face.

Different story now, though, 2 years later. Although still timid and easily frightened, Dixie goes to work with her Mom and makes the most of her newfound freedom, winning the hearts of everyone she meets.

Dixie's Mom jokes that she failed Fostering 101. But I think she won the lottery. Twice (counting Moppet!!).

Do you have a rescued dog? share her story with me - you might just see a familiar face show up in your email one day.......

Thanks for sharing my artwork with your friends and family,

Looks like we all needed some sunshine !!

The painting "Little Ray of Sunshine" resonated with many, many, many of you.

I had an explosion of requests hit my email inbox, all wanting to purchase her.

Later this afternoon I will work my way through your inquiries on a first come basis - if you haven't yet heard from me, you will. Just hold your horses!!

Meanwhile, if you've gotta get some sunshine of your own, reproductions and notecards can be ordered here.

And thanks SO MUCH for your interest in this painting - Nettle is a star! Something that is not surprising at all to those who know and love her!

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