"Ipo," 6" x 8", Golden Open Acrylics on Raymar panel, depicting a sweet and silky mixed breed. "Ipo" can be added to your collection - just email me!


This is one of my favorite combinations, the inky blues and purples combined with the firey oranges. It's a great way to depict energetic and clever souls like little Ipo here.

Thanks for looking at - and sharing - my artwork with your friends and family,

A New Muse

I bribed the kids with the promise of ice cream, and we hit Cook's Dairy Farm today. 

The weather wasn't very ice-creamey-ish - things were a little cool temperature wise - but the overcast day made for some very nice photo opportunities.

You might best appreciate this photo accompanied by the soundtrack of The Princess, who was thoroughly disgusted by a puddle of bovine urine.

In her honor, we brought home a gallon of "Cow Pie" ice cream. 

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  1. I've got ask you, as a fellow artist, do you photograph your paintings or scan them for this blogs. The images look so crisp and lovely. (I'm a big fan of your paintings!)