Real Men Wear Pink by Kimberly Kelly Santini

My demo painting from last night's presentation - I got a good start, despite talking non-stop for over 2 hours! Take a peek at my reference photo down below.

IN PROCESS: "Real Men Wear Pink (Chester)," 9" x 12", Golden Open Acrylics on an Ampersand gessobord, depicting a Bulldog. This painting will be available for purchase when completed.

Live painting demonstrations can be rather daunting - the key is to find a balance between the focus needed to make painting decisions all the while maintaining a meaningful dialogue with the attendees.

I think I did so for the most part last night, when working with Chester's portrait. I only lost my train of thought twice.

I can see now that I've got to fix the proportions of his face and I still want to lighten the bandanna up, but I remain pleased with what I was able to coherently share and document via my lip-flapping painting process last night.

Coherence is soon to dissipate. This time next week, there will be a horde of summer vacationing children at my house. I must be strong.

Thanks for looking at - and sharing - my artwork with your friends and family,

PS I have not forgotten about Boots the goat, who we left in limbo on Tuesday - he'll get his turn next week!!

My reference photo for Chester's painting
Artistic License

Just because a photo shows something in a certain fashion, doesn't mean you have to paint it that way. Here's what I'm changing:

  • The tongue needs to be dangling longer, in order to break up the shape of his head.
  • The bandanna will be a softer pink, so that the tongue isn't the same color/value and stands out more.
  • I'm removing the bandanna tab above his head and the leash/harness lines.
  • I'm shifting the light source so that it more adequately says "noon" - which means adding a deeper shadow and upping the highlights on his topline.
  • I'm also softening the edges/detail in his rear legs and toes, to create a sense of depth and really push his face into the viewer.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

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