Believe ~~ by Kimberly Kelly Santini

Fairy Doors are popping up everywhere around Lake Orion!

This is the latest magical site, a crabapple tree nestled amidst a swath of green, festooned with ribbons and beads, sprinkled with fairy dust and other magic.

It just appeared, out of thin air, when the family was away. Rumor has it that the children have been performing fairy welcoming rituals in their garden at dusk for the last month or so.

And this fairy family definitely has a sense of humor - there is a Lego Storm Trooper and Chewbacca figure set into the walkway "Hotel Hell" style.

Do you believe?
PS What kind of dogs do you think fairies have?

Furiously Happy

Last night I listened to The Bloggess's** IGNITE Talk**. The topic? Pursuing your passion. Her passion is being "furiously happy."

And it got me to thinking. I have some obvious passions, yes. But one not consciously acknowledged and have definitely kept underwraps lately was - or is - my passion for imagination and fun.

Life is supposed to be fascinating and mysterious and victorious.

Not just when we are little - it's even more important to embrace these things when we are bigger (notice I didn't say "grown up").

I pledge (and now you can hold me accountable!) to make time in my life for more laughter. The good belly kind. And to work even harder at inspiring others. Whether that be to paint, or to advocate, or just simply to believe. 

Wanna join me?
**The Bloggess has a potty mouth, so if you find cursing offensive, please don't click on the links. 

**If you don't find cursing offensive, you most certainly will enjoy The Bloggess and Beyonce the chicken..

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