You Are My Sunshine, Reworked


I painted Mona's birthday portrait a couple weeks ago (remember? it was a lesson painting in early July), and was pleased with it at the time. But as the days went by, I saw things I thought would make the painting better.

So out came the edges of the window frame's shadow and in went lavender and cobalt glazes on her body (the image above is the reworked painting).

What do you think? Is it now a smidge better? 

If paintings hang around in my studio for long enough, I nearly always find something I want to change. It's a horrible habit.

Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my paintings with your friends and family,

Lesson Paintings

I've created a one-stop spot for you to follow along with this year's lesson paintings.

Hopefully this will provide an easier means to locate and study my process.

It's just part of the facelift I'm giving the studio website this week.


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