Still Life with Flowers

I like to join in challenges to stretch myself in new directions. This painting was done for the DPW challenge.

The Limited Stroke Challenge

The idea of this challenge is to help you overcome your fear of using a lot of paint, and will prevent "overworking" in your paintings.

The goal is to use one stroke to fill in one whole shape.

(Every time you pick your brush off the canvas it counts as a stroke!)

You will need to put out a lot of paint and use at least a #8 flat brush.

1. Set up a very simple still life in strong light. (only 2- 3 objects)

2. Outline a square or rectangle on your board for the painting.

3. Draw in your "map", outlining the big shapes. (No detail)

4. Count the number of strokes you will need to fill in each whole shape, and mark that number on the canvas.

5. Starting with your darkest dark, mix up enough paint on your brush to fill in a shape in ONE STROKE!

6. Each time you make a stroke, make a mark under the number you allowed. Keep track by counting as you go.

7. See how close you can get to your number!
Note: You are allowed one mulligan! (a free stroke)

The result will be a rather abstract, simple painting with wonderful surface quality and a "effortless" feel!
Zinnias in a Jar
Zinnias in a Jar, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting:
Zinnias in a Jar
7x5 oil painting on canvas ready to frame

Media: oil painting
Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm)

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