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ABOVE: A previous award winning Painting a Dog a Day original, "Kittyscape," starring the feline studio muse Mona Lisa. This painting is available for $369 - let me know if you are interested. BELOW: "Candy Cane," Mona's most recently inspired portrait, is also available for purchase. Inquiries may always come to me.


We are 18 days from Christmas, and the inquiries continue to pour in. They are literally pouring in. I need me some wellies......

I spent most of today responding to new collectors while finalizing details for the remaining pre-holiday portraits I had already booked.

I am so grateful for your interest in my work - THANK YOU!! I wish I could paint quickly enough to fulfill every single request I get. And please don't judge me for the length of time it takes to respond to your email.

However, my current response to "can you fit my in prior to the holiday" is an negative (and I HATE having to say no!!). I cannot squeeze in another portrait, regardless of circumstances, unless you have figured out the secret to time travel and can send me back to this summer. In which case please give me a minute to grab my sunscreen......

HOWEVER, I am happy to set up a gift certificate, one that's perfect for gifting, and it allows your recipient to participate in the commission process, so all is not lost.

Just please be patient - I'm fielding inquiries ASAP and trying to juggle inbound emails with time at the easel.

Gift certificates can be emailed and that takes all of a minute or two, so in that regard we have plenty of time.

Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood,

Plan B

So it's not Spot exactly, but it's kinda close......

If you are looking for animal themed artwork, please look no further than my FineArtAmerica storefront. I have several HUNDRED images set up for notecards and giclee (reproductions) ordering - there is bound to be something there for everyone!!

I also have a FineArtAmerica gallery comprosed of original unsold Painting a Dog a Day originals, which makes your shopping even easier.

Not sure you want artwork? What about a book - publications are all available via Blurb.

And if you are looking for a class experience, gifting a workshop or lesson is a fabulous idea. I have openings in both my kids and grownUPs 2012 journalling workshops.

Thanks so much for inviting creativity and art appreciation into your life!

Happy holidays!!

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