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Delilah Smith

An Apple a Day
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About this Painting: I like still life setups because it enables me to chose what aspect of the image shape,texture,color,relationship,light,design,and ambiguous forms. I get to play with the subject.

I started this painting several months ago. It is so small it should have been finished in a few hours. I put it up after I had established the apples general color and the still life set up.

I went on a trip and when I got back other things caught my interest, so this little guy set on the shelf. One of my New Years resolution is to finish those old soldiers that are gathering dust in the studio.

When I got to working at this, it seem dull and lifeless. Now I need to get inspired enough to finish the little guy. I wanted to make the colors glow so I added a little drama to the work. I thought that my whimsical bees might be just the supporting cast that this little drama might need. To see more of my daily painting visit my blog Painting of the Day.

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