JEANNE ILLENYE Large Classical Floral Painting Peonies, Porcelain, Wrens

Peonies in Double Happiness Jar with Two Wrens
30x24 inches / oil on canvas
...and here's the second painting to which I'd referred in the prior post, a loose arrangement of old fashioned peonies in a Double Happiness jar symbolizing good luck.  Tucked amidst the casual arrangement of antique leather books and pretty pink stationery, are two tiny little Wrens, one of which is holding a fly in it's beak.  As always, the porcelain is chipped and cracked, dense blossoms display a heavy burden on their stems with fallen petals, and the leather books are torn and frayed...all revealing my trademark signs of age.
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  2. Thank you SO very much, Michael. I'm truly delighted to hear your lovely comments.