Watercolor Flowers in a Polka-Dot Cup

Polka-Dot Cup
Painting green is one of the important things to learn when using watercolors. Green right from the tube is just to garish and needs to be mixed with other colors to give it a more natural look You can make your own greens by mixing blues and yellows. I have modified viridian green with blues for the shadows and added a little more cadmium yellow for the sunlight areas. I like to bring in the compliment of green, red. In this painting I have added alizarin crimson to both the edges of the white flowers and areas of leaves.

Daily Paint Works, where I often post watercolors paintings had a challenge to paint something with Polka-Dots so this is what I painted.

This watercolor is for sale. To purchase Please click here for Polka-Dot Cup.

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