JEANNE ILLENYE Large Classical Floral Still Life Oil Painting Old World Dutch Master Style

Eternal Spring
30x24 inches oil on canvas
     This was my very first large floral painting which I'd begun in 1996 and completed a few years later after we'd relocated from New Jersey to Michigan and began renovating our house. So...inbetween removing wallpaper in every room, laying carpet, rebuilding and painting walls, doors, laying 8,000 bricks, planting 50 trees, garden renovation, etc. I was also painting this!  Whew...the energy and amibtion of youth. 
      Some of the delicate details I adore are the cracked terra cotta urn seeping water droplets, bees tucked within blossoms of tender petals, translucent grapes suveyed by a browsing bird, torn leaves, a single broken shaft of wheat, veiny petals of Crown Imperial, and particularly the illuminated Morning Glory with her upturned face, the thick glossy Parrot Tulips capturing a glint of light, and my favorite but most challenging flower to paint, Lilacs with each and every petal articulated. 
      To this date, I still feel this is my best technical work which you'll see in forthcoming pics. Quite a contrast of mood when compared to my new direction as exhibited in "Shades of White" 24x24 oil on canvas, which more accurately depicts my true spirit...yet "Eternal Spring" will always hold an especially sentimental place in my heart.
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