JEANNE ILLENYE custom pet portraits painted with love

12x16 inches / oil on panel
 (Please excuse sway from digital camera; I really need another SLR.)
I love when people tell me a little about their pets so I can think about them while painting; somehow that helps me connect to them which always makes for a better painting.  When I first saw the reference photo of Sammi, my reaction was sheer delight!  Then I began considering cropping and editing the image to improve the composition, i.e., remove horizontal white moulding behind her head, etc.  However, something was lost in the process.  Yes, the result was a better composition but a little magic was lost, then I realized why!  Part of the undeniable charm of Sammi was her small proportion, enhanced by the background moulding and wide layout.  So in this case, although contrary to my design instinct, I chose to work as closely as possible to the photo reference in order to retain that irresistible, "Awwww," when I first saw her!  :o)

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