JEANNE ILLENYE glamis castle rose in glass jar with lace david austen roses white oil painting

capturing nature's transient beauty
"Glamis Castle Rose in Glass Jar"
7x5 inches / oil on panel
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Happy New Year Everyone!
Here's my first Little Gem for 2015 featuring a highly perfumed musky Glamis Castle English Rose in a soft, creamy white to symbolize freshness and purity which is how I always view the new year and January in general.  It's a sampling of my new direction which I've slowly been pursuing in recent years, in between fulfilling orders for commissioned paintings. After dabbling in a vast array of subjects, I've finally decided to focus predominantly on flowers which are my absolute favorite along with everything that can accompany them such as crystal, lace, glass jars, silverware, teapots and teacups contrasting with rustic elements of painted wood, moss and nests.  In other words, all my favorite things of beauty.  As I state on my website homepage, "It's all about beauty in nature and antiques."  If you'd like to purchase my first Little Gem of the year, kindly click here.

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