Zen Dog by Kimberly Santini

"Zen Dog," 36" x 14", acrylics on panel, depicting Zevon, a friend's newly rescued family member. This is Golden acrylics on a Raymar panel and can be yours for $2999, including s&h within the contiguous US. In process photos are on the Studio FB pagepARTy details are here. Inquires may come directly to me

It's Long Past Time for a pARTy

Have you ever attended a pARTy before? The idea is simple - someone shares the rights to one of their photographs, and challenges creatives to make artwork inspired by the photo. All of the work is then displayed collectively, for the whole world to see the variety of interpretations and possibilities resulting from the one image.

Now here's the good part - Photographer Juliet Harrison granted us permission to throw a pARTy in Zevon's honor! So here's the details:

The reference photograph is here. Please respect that this photo is being shared purely for the creation of artwork, and is not to be repurposed in any other way.

The idea is to create your own interpretation of the photograph. Please respect each artists' creations and do not copy any of the other art being displayed (because that would be violating copyright law).

Send jpgs of your finished work, watermarked with your name/website, to me. Include in your email any text you would like to appear in the caption.

I will add all artwork created by March 31, 2015, to a photo album on my Facebook page created specifically for this purpose.

Ready? set? paint!!

Thanks, as always, for following along with my artwork!
Warmly, Kim 

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