JEANNE ILLENYE Parrots English Show Budgies Chorus Line custom bird oil portrait

Chorus Line I
Kit, Sasha, Sunny, Morwenna and Nicky
12x24 inches / oil on canvas
 Here are five of Carol's many birds, these being the larger English Show Budgies.  I worked with a magnifying glass to see the images of them in the color photocopies.  I'd received images of ten birds in many poses which took some time to evaluate and select those which could be grouped together successfully as a realistic and charming composition, here seemingly in conversation.  I took into account each of their personalities so their poses seemed natural as if they were actually sitting together on these branches.  As Carol stated when offered a sneak peek of the preliminary underpainting: 
"Once again, you captured them well, simply by the positioning!  Morwenna, all superior and seated above the others (she'd love it).  Kit, letting everyone know he was the "first" budgie."  Sunny looking interested and always happy to chat and "visit."  Sasha, looking earnest (I love his foot on the part of the perch that sticks up), and Nicky, interested but reserved and mulling over the extent to which she wants to be involved."
As the title implies, there will be a second painting in the future featuring her next five Budgies. 

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