JEANNE ILLENYE CUSTOM OIL PORTRAITS girl and her dog bassett hound kennel from vintage photograph 1973

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Custom Oil Portrait
Carol and Freckles, October, 1973
18x14 inches / oil on panel
(scroll to view full painting and more details)
Note details such as Carol's peaches and cream complexion, two rings, hooded drawstring sweatshirt...Freckles' pads, claws, chubby shoulders and freckles...peeling and split wood siding and windowsills, torn window screens, faded wood sign, pile of hay around the doggie entrance...and lacey woods silhouetted against the clear autumn sky.  Scroll down to view more details and then the full painting. 
This was quite a lot of fun to paint.  Working from an old photograph from 1973, I'd color corrected it in my mind's eye while painting, lowered the roofline, raised the ground level, moved the left window toward the center more, and added a third window in order to improve the composition. Such a nostalgic painting and my client is absolutely thrilled with it, saying I captured her and Freckles even better than the photograph!  
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