JEANNE ILLENYE Large Classical Still Life Oil Painting

American Goldfinches in Spode Bowl of Fruit
16x20 inches / oil on canvas

Set against a backdrop of a torn and frayed, embroidered silk fabric, an antique Spode bowl, cracked and chipped but still treasured, holds a bountiful arrangement of golden pears with grapes and cherries, leaves insect eaten. Sampling the arrangement, as if prepared just for them, is a pair of American Goldfinches. Tucked into the grapes can be seen ants, ladybugs and dewdrops. This composition truly pushes the limits of the canvas so I'd like one day to re-create this painting in a 24x30 inch size with a little more "breathing room". It's so full that it can handle the expanded proportions. If you're interested in commissioning a painting kindly email me at

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