The Third Book ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

I've been busy working on my new book. The working title is "Come Sit Stay, Good Dog.... Art," which was my slogan when the Painting a Dog a Day's first began.

Did you purchase or commission a painting in 2009? If so, chances are your Dog a Day painting will be included in "Come Sit Stay." This book is designed to be the follow up to "That's 14 in Dog Years" and "The First Year," as "Come Sit Stay" represents the third year of Painting a Dog a Day.

The hardest part of putting these books together (other than catching all my typos!!) is keeping the page count reasonable. My goal is approximately 120 pages. If there are many more, the cost goes up dramatically. However, it is nearly impossible for me to choose which paintings to include and weigh them against an appropriate quantity of text.

And I do hear you - some would prefer that I just reproduce the artwork, but there's another faction that would argue the essay provides added value and a perspective that the blog simply does not have.

Right now I've narrowed it down to around 220 paintings/images from 2009. This does not include additional content like "How Tos" or before and after shots of the studio remodel or anything about the creative journalling workshops and other sorts of tangental topics.

Clearly I have my work cut out for me!

The book will be ready for holiday gift-giving - however this year, in order to drastically reduce my personal workload, Blurb (the company that prints the books) will be processing all direct orders.

To accommodate those of you who might prefer a personalized copy of the book, I'll auction off a some copies complete with personalizations and sketches on the title page - with proceeds above and beyond my costs going to my local shelter. I am hoping to be able to schedule these in time for holiday gift giving. Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family -

PSST - I'm still accepting holiday commissions. Email meto get on my calendar!

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Painting a Dog a Day Books - The First Year and That's 14 in Dog Years

The first two years of the Painting a Dog a Day project have been published in book format.

"The First Year" talks about how the project came to be and the evolution of the blog and my vision.

"That's 14 in Dog Years"highlights some of the details of the project's growth as it matured during the second year.

I have a few remaining copies of "That's 14 in Dog Years" that I can personalize and send your way. Email meif you are interested.

Additional copies of each title are available directly through the publisher. They also maintain a link that allows viewers to preview the books prior to purchasing (click on the titles above to view and order).

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