Miri's Memory ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Miri's Memory," 8" x 10", portrait of a rescued Cairn Terrier from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, from The Gratitude Project. This painting was done in Golden Open acrylics on an Ampersand Geossobord and could be yours for $ 469.

As with all the paintings from The Gratitude Project, proceeds from the sale of Miri's painting will be donated to Col. Potter. It's just my way of saying thanks for all the dogs - and people - who's lives are better!

I had painted Miri before - she's the lucky Cairn getting all the kisses in this painting from a couple years back. Miri was a puppy mill momma rescue with such a bright spark. She arrived at Col. Potters 2/3rds of a way through a pregnancy, in such poor health that the lives of herself and her litter were endangered. Immediate surgery saved her and 5 of her 6 pups.

She enjoyed 4 years with her forever home, years that were far too short but fully lived. She succombed to Cushings last fall, shortly after I started a painting of her.

Miri was my muse at the live painting session I did for the Shelby Artists' Group. As can happen when I start painting and talking at the same time, the piece got a little bit off track. And when I heard the news of her passing the very next day, it took the wind out of my sails. I had little desire to fight with the painting and bring it back.

But today the sun was shining and I imagined her taking a nap in the warm patch on the floor here in the studio (I often have my models over for a visit, even if it is an imaginary one - it helps me to "see" them better). I decided the time was right to have another go at Miri's portrait.

She looks happy, doesn't she? I'd like to think she's pleased with how her life - and portrait - turned out. I hope that her family is, too.

Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks, as always, for supporting my artwork!

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