Strawberr- Delilah Smith

A Strawberry
Oil Painting on canvas
If your paintings are fussy and overworked, this challenge is for you! It will force you to slow down, think and make each brush stroke count.

INSTRUCTIONS: Draw your subject (any) on your canvas/board. Make sure you get everything in just the right place – this is very important for this challenge. Then, with a brush (if you have them use flats or brights – at least ½” wide), mix one color. Put down one stroke on your canvas/board. If it’s wrong, mix a new color and put a new stroke directly over the first. Mix a new color (feel free to adjust the first color, on your palette, to get the second, but make sure to start a new pile when needed). Put down one stroke. Mix a new color. Put down one stroke. You get the idea. Don't worry about edges – your painting SHOULD look sort of like a mosaic when you get done. If you start fussing, no dessert for you tonight!

HINTS: Squint at your subject – paint what you see when you squint. Ignore what you think you see. Step back a few feet after every single stroke – oh yeah, stand to paint! Remember that value is the most important thing to be accurate with. Your color can be completely off, but if the value is off your object(s) won’t look 3-dimensional.

To view paintings completed for the challenge or to post one of your own click here.

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