The Morning News ~~ Painting a Dog a Day by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"The Morning News," 6" x 8", commissioned portrait of a black lab mix, done in Golden Open Acrylics on a Raymar panel.

Nascar's parents have earned the distinction of travelling the furthest to collect their two paintings. They came to Michigan all the way from Sonoma, California for a personal hand-off.

(I should probably also disclose that perhaps the promise of an Easter dinner with Michigan family factored into their decision as well.)

Nevertheless, it was heartwarming to meet - and thank - them for supporting my artwork. The vast majority of my business is done via the internet, so it's always a treat to match faces to voices to emails.

Thanks in advance for sharing my artwork with your friends and family.

Wishing you a blessed weekend,

Continuing Education

My kids are still pretty young and therefore I don't get the luxury of attending too many workshops for myself.

So yesterday's Golden Artists Workshop led by Valerie Allen was an extra special treat!

I go to spend nearly the whole day playing with various Golden Paints, mediums, and surfaces, learning all sorts of techniques. Techniques that will help me make smart and clever adjustments to my own paintings.

I even learned how to paint like the old masters - see my 8" x 10" panel above?

I'm no Rembrandt, but there is some promise, right?!

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