The Road Ahead ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"The Road Ahead," a 5" square painting done in Golden Open Acrylics on Ampersand Gessobord. Add this gem to your collection for only $239 - email me if interested.

No matter how shadowed the path might seem, there is much adventure to be had along the way.

This painting and all of today's prayer/karma/jujubes go out to those who's days are difficult. My wish for you today is an unexpected encounter that brings pure, unadulterated joy.

Which makes me think that I should go back into this painting and add a tiny speck of light on the wooded horizon......

Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my paintings with those you care about,

PAINTING WORKSHOP, October 8th, Lake Orion Michigan, 10am-4pm. Email me for additional information.


Thank You!

I really appreciate your show of support after declaring yesterday a mental health day. I was showered with emails, messages, and stories of your own.

I am most definitely a Type A, OCD, Over Achiever, Perfectionist sort of person. It is very difficult for me to walk away from work that has to be done (unless, that is, the work in question is housework!).

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though.

And I'll have to remember not to wait so long for the next one.

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