Caddie ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini


"Caddie," 10" square, commissioned Westie portrait, done in acrylics on a panel. I am so very grateful for my newest collector and the opportunity to work lifesize! (For those of you who don't know, prior to starting the relatively small daily paintings, I specialized in larger than life pet portraits.)

Painting Caddie was a blast - I worked on her over the course of two days. I photographed the progression, which you can see and comment on via the studio's Facebook page. There's something to be said for working with larger brushes and gestures - it makes for more dancing at the easel, and a lot of smiles along the way.

While working, I listened to a fascinating interview withartist Robert Genn, the voice behind the highly popular Twice Weekly Letters and quite a seasoned and generous talent himself. I highly recommend that other artists take the time to listen to his sage advice. He discussed everything from the value of workshops to creating your own style to finding exposure in the market. I was fascinated by the breadth of his knowledge and his willingness and ability to share it so frankly - which I suppose is why his letters/blog are so eagerly read and commented on.

Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood,

Inquiries Are Still Coming In & I am Still Saying Sorry.....

...there's just not enough time to commission - and get delivery - on a portrait pre-holiday. Perhaps a gift certificate for a portrait will work? let me know asap if you think so!

HOWEVER - if you are looking for animal themed artwork, please look no further than my FineArtAmerica storefront. I have several HUNDRED images set up for notecards and giclee (reproductions) ordering - there is bound to be something there for everyone!!

I also have a FineArtAmerica gallery comprosed of original unsold Painting a Dog a Day originals, which makes your shopping even easier.

Not sure you want artwork? What about a book - publications are all available via Blurb.

And if you are looking for a class experience, gifting a workshop or lesson is a fabulous idea. I have openings in both my kids and grownUPs 2012 journalling workshops.

Thanks so much for inviting creativity and art appreciation into your life!

Happy holidays!!

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